Physical Therapy in West Boca

Whether you’re searching for nearby physical therapy or the best physical therapy Boca Raton has to offer, you found the right spot.

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Katie V.

"Incredibly happy with my experience with physical therapist, Dr. Vlad. He’s super knowledgeable and thorough, and helped with my back and leg pain. Teaches you the tools to help you continue that active lifestyle. Highly recommend, very convenient West Boca location."

dr vlad with pro tennis player patient testimonial-500x693px

Alex V.

"Hey, I’m a pro tennis player and Vlad is an incredible physio. He works with a lot of detail and gets the job done. I had a wrist injury and Vlad fixed me up. Because of his amazing work I am able to compete at the highest level."

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Noa C.

"I am really happy with Vlad and his work with me. I am a tennis player and pulled my hamstring where I could hardly move. Vlad worked closely with me for four weeks where we were able to not only determine the level of injury but also, find ways to train and recover while not injuring myself further. In less than expected time, I was able to get back to competition.

Since then, I have turned to Vlad for several different and smaller injuries where he is able to catch things early, avoid further injury and provide me with exercises, stretches and at home options to help me recover faster. Finally, Vlad has worked with me on my overall training plan by coordinating with my coach, nutritionist and family.

Vlad cares, he is incredibly knowledgeable and he is always researching and learning new things. When we come in, he almost always has something new he's learned that he's sharing with us. I strongly recommend him."


Are You Tired of...

If so, then schedule your appointment with Physical Therapy Doc. We will get down to the root cause of your pain and treat your injury naturally with hands-on techniques, movement and exercise. Get started by clicking below.

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Coach Pfister
Coach Pfister
I recommend Vlad because he is an exceptional human and physical therapist. I played professional soccer in Brazil for 10 years. Recently I injured my Achilles tendon and Vlad has given me the results I was looking for. I also coach athletes and trust Vlad to take care of them too.
Jose Alvarez
Jose Alvarez
I have been attending Vlad’s full body workouts and HIIT classes every Thursday and he is really great. Vlad is friendly, professional, and always switches it up. Great music too. Will continue coming every week!
Anita Tu
Anita Tu
My experience here with Vlad has been great. I tore my rotator cuff while playing tennis and began searching for a place to help me recover. I found Vlad through a fitness trainer. The location is in a nice gym in West Boca Raton. Vlad was very knowledgeable diagnosing my injury and provided me with exercises to rehab. Two weeks later, my rotator cuff was fully healed. Vlad is very thorough with his work and knowledgeable about the healing process. I recommend him to anybody, particularly athletes, looking for a good spot for physical therapy.
I highly recommend Dr.Vlad to anyone with any types of muscular or joint pain. I started working with Dr. Vlad 3 months ago with chronic lower back pain. Through his expert help I have not only fixed my chronic back pain but I’ve gone on to win 4 tennis tournaments in a row pushing my back to the limit with no pain. Dr.Vlad has been a lifesaver and I truly recommend him.
Jennifer Clowe
Jennifer Clowe
Thanks to Dr. Vlad's expertise and dedication, I experienced significant improvement in my hip and knee pain in a relatively short period. Not only did he alleviate my discomfort, but he also equipped me with the tools and knowledge to prevent future injuries and enhance my performance on the tennis court.If you're in need of a skilled and compassionate physical therapist in the West Boca Raton area, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Vlad. You won't be disappointed!
Ethan Moyer
Ethan Moyer
Hey everyone! Vlad was a friend and colleague of mine for a long time. He has great attention to detail and is extremely passionate about what he does. I could not speak more highly of him!
Denys Forgaci
Denys Forgaci
Dr. Vlad is not only a great physical therapist but also a great human. I’ve played tennis for 16 years and will be heading to play in division 1 collegiate level this fall. Recently I injured my forearm having tendinitis/tennis elbow and Vlad has given me a way back into the court pain free. If you’re in the Boca Raton area looking for a physical therapist, I would highly recommend Dr. Vlad!
alex vlahos
alex vlahos
Hey I’m a pro tennis player Vlad is an incredible physio he works with a lot of detail and gets the job done I had a wrist injury and Vlad fixed me up because of his amazing work I am able to compete at the highest level
Code We Shall
Code We Shall
I've done physical therapy with Dr. Vlad to treat my neck pain and lower back pain. I've been going to the gym for about 10 years now, Vlad has done a great job tailoring to my active lifestyle. He really knows his stuff and he is super passionate about helping you get better. If you live in the West Boca area and you have a chance to work with him, don't hesitate, go for it!
Katie Vole
Katie Vole
Incredibly happy with my experience with Physical therapist Dr Vlad. He’s super knowledgeable and thorough, and helped with my back and leg pain. Teaches you the tools to help you continue that active lifestyle. Highly recommend, very convenient West Boca location
Christos Sirmas
Christos Sirmas
Vlad helped me tremendously with my hand rehabilitation to return back to weight training and MMA. As a recreational athlete definitely recommend him for any injuries that you may have. He does numerous type of treatments and pays close attention to details.
Jason Burstyn
Jason Burstyn
I have enjoyed taking Vlad’s class for the last 3 months. He offers a thorough stretch routine and HIIT style workout.
Great class! The movements are both fun and beneficial. They help to create more range of motion and help us to move safely in our everyday lives. He has great energy and comes up with creative exercises for us to do.
Ely Green
Ely Green
Vlad is passionate, caring, and good energy all around.
Rani Baboun
Rani Baboun
Vlad’s awesome. He always keeps everyone motivated and his workouts are killer and very functional. Highly recommended.
Dean Laster
Dean Laster
Vlad’s physical strength training classes are the highlight of my week. He is a physical therapist in training so the workouts are precise yet super enjoyable at the same time . His enthusiasm and zest for life is also a huge plus. From preworkout stretch and mobility exercise to physical strength training and HIIT Vlad’s classes cover it all. It will challenge you yet leave you with an exhilarating feeling in the end!!
Caroline Bleck
Caroline Bleck
Vlad was a great instructor! Highly recommend!
No Name
No Name
Vlad is an amazing instructor! 10/10 recommended!
I’ve been to multiple of Vlad’s workouts here at Society Las Olas. He’s always prepared and engaging with everyone that attends. I had been having a lot of tightness around my legs (former collegiate track athlete) and I was looking for some routine to help realign me, and that’s also easy on my joints and muscles. This is perfect for me. It’s a mix of yoga and strength which is exactly what the “doctor ordered”. Cmon, we all saw that coming 😁
Vlad is amazing! He's so passionate for this kind of work and it really shows when he has the opportunity to share his knowledge/passion with others. He's committed to helping you and he sure is good at it.
I’ve never seen someone more passionate about their work and dedication to their clients’ health and fitness progress. I’m so, so glad I found Vlad! I’m in the process of recovering from an old ankle injury that I unfortunately hurt a second time. Vlad helped me figure out the type of injury I had by applying what he’s learning in physical therapy school, and got me on a workout plan that’s been really successful, as I’ve seen some remarkable progress. The difference in my condition just over a couple weeks is incredible! I feel like Vlad truly cares about helping me and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. I highly recommend seeing him!
Abby Richards
Abby Richards
I’ve been going to Vlad’s mobility classes and he’s a great instructor! He’s motivational and encouraging of everyone in the class. He makes a genuine effort to get to know those he’s teaching so he can adapt exercises to everyone’s abilities while still challenging them to be their best! Vlad has a very bright future in healthcare!
Michael Ospina
Michael Ospina
Vlad knows his stuff about human movement! He's passionate and wants to help you. Definitely recommend!
While living together for a couple months I got the pleasure to receive mobility instruction from vlad on a regular basis. At first the movements seem weird and uncomfortable. However after continuing the practice I started to notice incredible benefits. My back pain from surgery a few years back started to subside. I felt my knees becoming stronger while running- allowing me to go further. I noticed it was easier to bend down to the ground and pick things up. I felt myself becoming more comfortable while seated. Having an easier time sitting cross legged with my daughter on the floor. One day during class I was able to lay my hands flat on the ground in front of me with my knees locked. Only superseded by the day Vlad taught me to do a spin-kick. A feat I never thought was possible.All of this would have been impossible for me just months before.Vlad is the real deal, he is a passionate studentsof the practice and fully understands how to give people what they need to experience it. He isfun, kind, easy going, a great listener, and fully committed to giving me all the tools I needed to take control of my pain AND increase my athletic performance! Can’t recommend it more.
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Our guiding principle is clear: 

The patient is placed first, and treatment decisions are driven purely by what is best for you. Nothing else should dictate the quality of your care.

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Why Physical Therapy Doc?

Traditional Healthcare



Why Physical Therapy Doc?

We work for you. We refuse to be controlled by the insurance companies. 

In a traditional insurance-based physical therapy practice, what you will find is that the treating practitioners are more focused on fulfilling certain treatment codes so that they can collect the most amount of money from your insurance, rather than focusing on providing the highest possible quality of care for you. 

By focusing on you, we can achieve better outcomes with less visits.

At Physical Therapy Doc, your physical therapist will spend the entire session with you each and every time. This way, we can better identify the origin of your injury or nagging pain, treat you more effectively, and save you tens of thousands of dollars on downstream healthcare costs.

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Chris S.

"Vlad has a very comprehensive approach. He did a thorough evaluation with my injury suffered during Muay Thai training and provided a thorough diagnosis. Vlad provides a great hands on experience and his treatment helped me heal up in 4 weeks returning back to kicking and drilling again.

I am very happy that I connected with Vlad as he provides great tuneups for my injuries as a retired and recreational athlete.

Vlad is detail orientated, caring, creative and extremely supportive. His professionalism is remarkable and you can’t go wrong with proper PT demonstrated in Vlad’s work ethic and care."


What We Do

We Treat Muscle, Joint, Nerve & Bone Injuries.

We Rehabilitate Patients after Surgery.

We Help Maximize Athletic Performance.

Examples: ACL rehab, tennis elbow, back pain, return-to-sport programs, and more.

We have the privilege of serving the West Boca Raton community. We treat professional athletes, recreational athletes, weekend warriors and everyday heroes.

Or Call! (954) 372-6116


What You Get Working With Us

We provide the right tools to get you the results you desire.

Free Injury Case Review

We review the details you submit about your injury/concern and tell you the best solution for your recovery.

Initial Evaluation

For your first visit, we go through an orthopedic physical assessment to identify the root cause of the problem.

1-on-1 Physical Therapy

Each session is with a DPT, ensuring you get focused care that is genuinely in your best interest.

Fully-Equipped Gym

We have access to gym equipment, including dumbbells, barbells, squat racks, turf area, TRX, and more.

Injury Prevention

We help you build up your body armor to make you durable and ensure the problem does not come back.

Get started by submitting your appointment request.

Or Call! (954) 372-6116

dr vlad with college tennis player patient testimonial-500x644px

Denys F.

"Dr. Vlad is not only a great physical therapist but also a great human. I’ve played tennis for 16 years and will be heading to play in division 1 collegiate level this fall. Recently I injured my forearm having tendinitis/tennis elbow and Vlad has given me a way back into the court pain free. If you’re in the Boca Raton area looking for a physical therapist, I would highly recommend Dr. Vlad!"


Don't Wait Until It Gets Worse...

aging spine pathologies contribute to lower back pain

While many patients come to us to assess injuries early on, if symptomatic musculoskeletal pain is left untreated, it can lead to permanent wear and tear of your joints, degeneration of your spine, and atrophy of your muscles.

Over time, this can lead to limping, persistent pain, weakness, fatigue, and an overall poor quality of life. You can lose the ability to participate in your favorite sports and hobbies, and end up in a vicious cycle of bouncing from doctor to doctor, wasting money, without any clear solutions.

Any injury can lead to serious complications if left unattended. The sooner you address it, the better your outcomes will be, and the quicker the recovery time will be. It’s wise to seek treatment immediately in order to minimize the associated risks.

Don’t wait! Seek physical therapy treatment before it becomes a bigger and more expensive problem.

Or Call! (954) 372-6116


Meet the Doctor

physical therapy doc vlad-500x533px

Dr. Vlad Madorsky, PT, DPT, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified in BFR

Dr. Vlad is the founder of Physical Therapy Doc. He believes that movement is some of the best medicine, and when it’s combined with hands-on techniques from an expert on the way the body works, it can create outstanding results for the patient.

Or Call! (954) 372-6116


Boca Raton Physical Therapy Practice

boca commerce park-450x600px

Physical Therapy Doc is conveniently located in the Boca Commerce Park off of U.S. 441 between Yamato Road and Clint Moore Road in Boca Raton, Florida. We are located inside of Costa Performance in suite A51 on the north side of the building. 

10018 Spanish Isles Blvd Suite A52
Boca Raton, FL 33498

Call us for directions:
(954) 372-6116

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Costa Performance Gym Turf-800x600px
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We Are Located Inside of the Costa Performance Gym

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People come to us when they have muscle, joint, nerve or bone injuries. We can treat ligament sprains, muscle strains, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, jumper’s knee, disc herniations, tendinitis and tendinosis, nerve entrapments, and more. We also have a deep understanding of tennis and its unique demands. Whatever your injury, our goal is to get you back in action quickly and safely.

Recurring injuries often point to underlying issues that haven’t been fully addressed. At Physical Therapy Doc, we don’t just treat the symptoms; We delve deep, understanding the root cause and the intricacies of your movement. Together, we’ll break the cycle of repetitive injuries and set you on a path to move pain-free with confidence.

Yes! Physical therapy isn’t just for injuries. We have clients who seek our services exclusively for wellness, routine maintenance, or enhancing their physical performance. This helps them maintain their health, sustain an active lifestyle, and minimize the risk of re-injury. While these wellness-focused programs usually take less visits, check-ups are recommended.

Absolutely. After surgery, it’s crucial to have a tailored rehabilitation plan. We specialize in guiding patients through their post-operative phase, ensuring recovery is optimized. With our expertise, we’ll work to restore your function, strength, and range of motion, getting you back to your activities safely.

* We have next-day availability!

No, you don’t need a referral to begin treatment with us. In the state of Florida, you can see a physical therapist right away without seeing other doctors first. This is called direct access and it ensures you can start your recovery journey promptly.

We believe in providing exceptional value to our patients. At Physical Therapy Doc, you’re not just getting a standard session; you’re investing in personalized care, faster recovery times, and expert knowledge especially in sports-related injuries. By working with us, you’re prioritizing your health, well-being, and performance.

For additional information on our cost and process, please schedule your appointment today.

Or Call! (954) 372-6116

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